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Leading High-Performance Team: Coaching in the Asian Culture Book

The inspiration of writing this book came about through the numerous suggestions from our clients.  There are many leadership books available in the market that outlines the principles, process and concepts. However, putting these concepts into practice, in relation to the Asian culture have always been a challenge for many leaders.  

So we thought, let’s write a book in the form of a story that depicts typical situations in an Asian company.  Besides making it easy to read (as testified by many book reviewers), it helped to piece together all the leadership concepts of leading high-performance team.  

Launching the “Leading High-Performance Team: Coaching in the Asian Culture” Book

Leading High-Performance Team: Coaching in the Asian Culture is a fable that takes place in a small and medium-sized business setting. It entails the technological and economic challenges that this traditional business owner is facing. Add to the fact that his millennial daughter who recently joined him is struggling to adapt culturally in helping the company stay relevant. Obviously, the mindset and leadership styles among the management team had to change first. They needed to adapt to the changing environment so as to overcome their adversity in work and in life. The characteristics of a high-performance team are gradually uncovered as the story unfolds to enable the reader to grasp the concept and importance.

Leading High Performance Team Book

In Leading High-Performance Team, you will discover:

  • How to build trust with your team
  • How to engage with the millennial workforce
  • How to motivate team members to be more accountable
  • How to work with different personalities and leverage on their strengths
  • How to coach and develop individuals into high-performance team

We hope this book will guide you in applying the leadership principles and concepts in different situations.  We love to hear your feedback on the book. 

Enjoy the book…and of course, don’t forget your coffee.

Laurence Tan and Chong Eng Neo

Leadership Coaches, Facilitators, Co-Founders and Authors, BP Coach Training Pte Ltd

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