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Enhancing Individual and Business Performance.

Building high-performing team culture.

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Our Passion

We love working with clients to optimise Business Performance.

At BP Coach Training, we provide various services like coaching, leadership training, coach certification program and consultancy to help individuals and businesses improve their performance and to build an effective coaching culture.  

Our area of focus includes:-

Performance Management Consultancy Services

Leadership and Performance Management Consulting

Large enterprises and SMEs in Singapore can tap onto Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to help them build up their leadership capabilities and implement the appropriate performance management measures. 

Organizational Culture

Organisational Culture Change Services

Analyse, develop and sustain high performing organisational culture.

Analyse with industry leading OCAI-online tool (Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument) to assess current and preferred culture. Develop the interventions required and to sustain change.

Coach Certification Training Workshop

Coach Certification and Leadership Workshops

Providing the necessary training for leaders and professionals to become certified coaches in alignment with the certification criteria set out by International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Customised management training program based on adult learning principles and experiential hands-on workshop targeted for professionals and leaders to acquire different types of management and leadership skills.

Coaching Certification Workshop

Business and Executive Coaching Services

Help business owners and professional executives/leaders overcome challenges, align their goals, design action plans and accountability, to achieve greater business performance.

Assessment Tools and Analytics

Tools and Analytics

Creating awareness for individuals and teams.

Internationally recognised tools for personality assessment/psychometric test, emotional intelligence assessment, 360 behavioural profiling and organisational culture analysis.

BP Coach Training is based in Singapore and we provide these management training and coaching services to our clients in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.  Our goal is to be the leading and trusted coaching partner for individuals and organisations in Asia, through our transformational approach and methodology.  

Click on the various services above to find out more details or contact us if you have any further requirements.  We look forward to hearing from you.