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Client Testimonials and Reviews

Embark on a journey of Personal and Professional Growth

As someone who recently completed the BP Coaching Self-Mastery Program, I can confidently say that it was a journey that exceeded my expectations. The program’s structure is designed to guide participants through a journey of self-discovery and growth. Each module builds upon the previous one, creating a seamless flow of learning and development. One of the standout features of the program is the variety of tools provided to aid in personal and professional development. From self-assessment questionnaires to goal-setting templates, these tools empower participants to take ownership of their journey towards self-mastery. Theory is seamlessly integrated with practical application, ensuring that participants not only understand the concepts but also learn how to apply them in real-life situations.

The facilitators, Laurence and Eng Neo bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to each session. Their ability to create a supportive and nurturing environment fosters open dialogue and encourages participants to explore new ideas and perspectives. One of the most valuable aspects of the program is the opportunity to engage in peer discussions. Sharing experiences, challenges, and insights with fellow participants not only enriches the learning experience but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. Overall, the BP Coach Self-Mastery Program is recommended for anyone looking to unlock their full potential and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Veronica Y. Senior Assistant Director, SMU

Master in our Coaching Journey

I attended the foundational coaching course (ICF Level 1) conducted by Laurence & Eng Neo a year ago and had benefited from the course immensely and thus when this self-mastery course is available I signed up immediately! What I liked about this course is that it is very structured with rich content, classroom size is kept to an optimal so that we can have close interaction with the trainers ie Laurence and Eng Neo and maximum participation where the class asked really great insightful questions. I also liked that there was a balanced allocation of classroom teaching and breakout sessions which really helped to make this course enjoyable and reinforce the concepts learned where we could apply them immediately during the breakout sessions. 

Laurence and Eng Neo are extremely knowledgeable which certainly helps us gain clarity and we were able to digest the content easily. Highly recommend BP Coach Training to anyone who wants to start or be a master in their coaching journey!

Fen T. Associate Director, Robert Half

Mastery in Action

Once again, it’s been such a great experience in your class!  Really appreciate the way you pull everything together and make learning so easy yet so effective for us.  5 Stars all the way! The in-person experience is also important for me and it’s really wonderful to meet familiar faces after 3 years (without masks) and make new friends.  Such an enjoyable experience knowing all of you, and how can I forget the crazy laughs.

No one does it better than BP Coach! Best learning experience and great bunch of people! Mastery in Action!

Lisa Y. ICF SGP President Elect, Exec/Career Coach

Interactive and Practical

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outstanding training sessions both of you provided. Your expertise coupled with your enthusiasm and dedication made the lessons both enjoyable and enlightening. I genuinely appreciate the effort you put into making the sessions interactive and relevant and offer practical examples that brought the content to life.

The skills and knowledge I gained under your guidance have already proven valuable, and I’m excited to apply them in my workplace and even at home.  Once again, thank you. Kudos.

Eric Y. Career Consultant, NTU

Abundant Real-world Experience

I attended BP Coach’s Certified Performance Leadership Coach program. Outstanding program. I’d leave each module having learnt something new and feeling inspired. And unlike many other programs, I’m still using what I’ve learnt, despite going back into the daily routine of juggling too many balls.

Two things anchor the program. First, the program is a great balance of theory and practice, so we leave each module with a skill that is ready for deployment as we’d have practiced it a number of times already. Second, both Eng Neo and Laurence have abundant real-world experience from their earlier careers and are able to map every new concept taught into the practical grey world of reality. I can’t recommend the program highly enough.

Oliver Foo
Oliver F. Managing Partner, Edge Consulting LLP

Professionalism and Quality Delivery

We really appreciate the professionalism and quality delivery by both of you during the training. Personally, I have managed to gained valuable knowledge and experiences during the 2 days and I find a lot of “beauty” in replicating and utilising the skillsets gained in our OBS context. Will reach out to you both if there are roadblocks or scenarios that may derail our performance if necessary.

Once again, thank you for being yourselves during the last 2 days – I really enjoyed myself and cant wait for the next module…

Abdul K. Lead Training Consultant, NYC

Enriching Learning Experience

The Certified Performance Leadership Coach (CPLC) program is very well structured and meticulously delivered by Laurence and Eng Neo, and will equip you with the useful knowledge, frameworks, tools, and practices to proceed on your coaching journey and prepare for ICF accreditation if desired. The participants come from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, which helps to enrich the learning experience.

The training program has certainly benefited my learning, discovery and progress since I am always interested about coaching and want to get more professional training in this area. Big thanks to Laurence and Eng Neo for their instruction, facilitation and mentor coaching. This is highly recommended to anyone who aspires to become a coach in order to help others to maximize personal and professional potential.

Steven Lyu
Steven L. Co-Founder & President, 01 INNOVATIVE

Expertise and Professionalism

Thank you BP Coach Training for an excellent training outcome that was both enjoyable and practical. I like to acknowledge the expertise as well as professionalism of Laurence & Eng Neo in the way they conducted the sessions.

I have already starting using the knowledge and skills learnt in the course for my personal and professional growth and am seeing the benefits to my coachees.

Hari Krishnan
Hari K. MD, European MNC, Media

Delicate Balance between Theory and Practice

I am so glad that I signed up for your course to start my coaching journey. I never once felt bored and I really like the delicate balance between theory and practice. Each module builds to the next in a deliberate and thoughtful way.

Kudos to both Laurence and Eng Neo! I’m really proud to be a graduate of BP Coach and CPLC! Thank you so much!

L. Zhihan CEO, BagoSphere

Incredible way of Engaging the class

Laurence and Eng Neo have this incredible way of engaging the class, typically made up of a diverse mix of senior executives/professionals and characters.

They set a comfortable learning pace and simplified the delivery for potentially hard and dull subjects, often with illustrations of real cases. The training mixed with open-floor discussion stood out as a strong format – creating a neutral environment where more learnings amongst professionals were exchanged. More often than not, we find introverts started to share as well. The regular sub-group discussions/activities also enabled bonding to be forged despite the short term nature of the course.

I have recommended BP Coach Training to my peers. I am confident this dynamic duo will continue to deliver compelling sessions.  

Sim Shoo Shyuan Photo
Shoo Shyuan S. Director/Founder, APAC Media.

Great people and Unassuming Coaches and Trainers

I came across BP Coach when I was searching to attend a coaching course. After the 1st module training I was sure I made the right decision as both Laurence and Eng Neo are great coaches and trainers. I was very comfortable at the pace, content and how the training was conducted.

Most of all they are both great people, unassuming and always on hand to help and provide guidance. BP Coach comes with my strong recommendation.

Cyril Seah Coach Testimonial
Cyril S. Head, Customer Experience, Maersk Asia Pte Ltd

Incorporation of emotional intelligence is very powerful

I attended a series of workshops under the Certified Performance Leadership Coach program by BP Coach Pte Ltd as part of fulfilling the requirements to become an ICF certified coach.  I found the workshop format of  teaching the concepts/principles along with the practice sessions to be very helpful in reinforcing my learning.  

I particularly find the T-GROW model and the incorporation of emotional intelligence to be very powerful.  Both the instructors, Laurence and Eng Neo, were engaging,  very experienced, clear communicators and gave very valuable feedbacks for my improvement.   The biggest beneficiaries of my learning experience to be a coach are the people I coached as part of my 100 hours practice.  Some have found their coaching session with me to be very helpful.  This is only possible through my learning gained from these workshops and the guidance from Laurence and Eng Neo.  

Jackson Lim Photo
Jackson L. Asst Director, Learning & Dev

Committed and genuine in helping aspiring coaches

The Certified Performance Leadership Coach (CPLC) course was very structured, the contents were good and the format of delivery was excellent. We had sufficient time to practice coaching with each other and obtained valuable feedback from both Laurence and Eng Neo as well as the class participants. I feel better equipped to be an excellent coach after this course. I am now a Certified Performance Leadership Coach. All Thanks to Laurence and Eng Neo for their guidance.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to be a Certified Performance Leadership coach and pursue the ICF ACC. Laurence and Eng Neo are excellent mentors who are very committed and genuine in helping aspiring coaches to achieve their goals.

Yeow Cheng Lian Photo
Y. Cheng Lian Coach, Mentor, and Training Consultant

Best structured, curated and well delivered training course

It has been one of the best structured, curated and well delivered training course I ever had for a long time. After going thru the 4 workshops, each workshop, through your training and facilitation, it evoked a greater sense of awareness of my skills, attitude, aptitude and passion.

I felt coached as I learn to coach.

Yong Fong Photo
YF Koh Senior Manager, Business Partnership. IHL.

Enjoyable and Fruitful Learning Journey

I have just completed my CPLC (Certified Performance Leadership Coach) training with BP Coach. It has been such an enjoyable and fruitful journey to learn from Laurence and Eng Neo who brought their many years of rich real-life corporate management, leadership and performance coaching experiences into our classes. 

How Laurence and Eng Neo engaged us during the classes, how they challenged us to be better coaches and mostly how they inspired us to continue in our lifelong learning journey in our profession are what have been key to our learning success.

I highly recommend anyone who wishes to be a high performance coach to take this course with BP Coach.

Julie Lim photo
Julie L. Sales Coach, Dexteritas Pte Ltd

Transformational Level of Coaching

The CPLC (Certified Performance Leadership Coach) program has brought my focus of coaching to a higher transformational level.  The program is well structured and both facilitators are very knowledgeable in delivering and coaching the participants. 

We were given many opportunities to practise and receive feedback from fellow learners. The experiences gained together with the additional advice from the mentor coaches were very valuable.

Juliana Tang photo
Juliana T. AP Head, Human Resources. Semiconductor Industry

Best thing I have done in 2020

I took the first course with BP Coach with an aim to elevate the performance of my team. After the intensive 2-day workshop, I signed up for the remaining coaching workshops right away. The best thing I have done in 2020 is attending the two workshops by Laurence and Eng Neo who shared many personal stories to enhance our learning. The exercises and role-play during the workshops also gave me much confidence in coaching my teammates and even my own children!

If there is only one skill that you should pick up in 2021 to develop both personally and professionally, go for coaching courses with BP Coach Training to help you gain clarity on your own life and others if you keep practicing what you have learnt.

Adeline Yeo Photo
Adeline Y. Senior Manager, Government Agency

An Enjoyable and Valuable Experience

I have truly benefited from the 2-day workshop conducted by Eng Neo and Laurence. As a team lead, I have gained more clarity on the role of coaching. Though we cannot change a situation, I have experienced that effective coaching can change the outcome by shifting one’s perspective, exploring the possible options and empowering the individual to create his or her own solutions.

I can see how the power of effective coaching inspires greater performance and potential in a team and organization. Throughout the workshop, I felt engaged, motivated and excited about my role as an effective coach. It was indeed an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Erin Lau photo
Erin L. Deputy Director, Healthcare Industry

Precise and Authentic

The trainers are knowledgeable and precise in the choice of content and illustrations. Authentic without the ra-ra or self-aggrandising self publicity.  The class size was just nice for participants to connect and foster relationships.  The environment and the set-up of the EQ class was also very conducive to learning.

Karasi P photo
Karasi P. Instructional and Career Coach

Unique Storytelling Approach Adopted for a Book on Coaching

I just finished reading the coaching book Eng Neo and Laurence wrote. Loved it! I was reading it as a refresher from the WSQ coaching course and was drawn in by the unique case/storytelling approach adopted for a book on coaching. I like how they have woven coaching into a convincing story as an effective approach for leadership, organisational and people development.

I also like the realism and honesty in the conversations, the humility and wholesomeness in the tone of the writing, and the other good life values captured. John Chen is a good model of a coach. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful work!

Wong Wai Quen photo
Wai Quen W. Commercial Real Estate Marketing
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