33 Questions to Boost Your Group Coaching Question Bank!

group coaching questions

Boosting your coaching muscle is key to any coach’s success. So, here are some coaching questions to help you! These questions will help you work with goals, support prioritization and time management, create focus and build trust and connection within a group you are coaching.

1) Questions to work with clients around goals:

  1. What’s important about this goal?
  2. What’s important – In the big picture? Short term? Long term? In the weeds?
  3. What will success look like?
  4. What outcomes do you want?
  5. What might get in the way?
  6. What could be a roadblock?
  7. What resources do you need to be successful? (OR What will help you be successful?)
  8. When you are successful with this, what’s possible?

What are some of your favorite goal questions?

2) Questions to work with clients around priorities and time management

  1. What’s really important for you right now?
  2. What are your top 3-5 priorities?
  3. What’s the low hanging fruit?
  4. What, if left unaddressed, could create a significant impact?
  5. What’s the quickest thing to get off your plate and clear up space?
  6. When you clear this issue, what will be available to you?
  7. What do you need to say NO to right now?
  8. What are your next steps around this issue?

What other questions do you like to ask around prioritization?

3) Questions around focus:

  1. What does focus mean around this issue?
  2. Who can help you focus on this?
  3. What do you need to say NO to in order to be successful?
  4. What could get in the way of your focus?
  5. If you look at the big picture / 30,000 foot view, what’s IN focus?
  6. And stay in the big picture / 30,000 foot view for a moment. What’s NOT in focus?
  7. If there was one thing you could add or take away to help with your focus, what would it be?

How do you work with your clients around focus?

4) Questions to focus connection in teams and groups:

In the group and team coaching context trust and connections amongst all group members are critical for opening up the conversation. Lack of trust can be one of the biggest impediments to the coaching process. Consider these types of questions to help boost connection in groups:

  1. What is common to all of us?
  2. What does each one of us bring that’s unique to this team?
  3. What strengths do we bring individually to the group? *
  4. What strengths do we have collectively?
  5. What do you notice about where our strengths overlap?
  6. What gaps exist in our strengths?
  7. What is important about our shared values?
  8. How do we have each others’ backs?
  9. What do we each need from each other?
  10. What do you expect from our work together?

* Tip: Consider providing the team or group with a strengths based profile as pre-work such as VIA Strengths or StrengthsFinder2.0

So, as we wrap up this article, I’d love to know some of your favorite coaching questions in group and team coaching? Share yours by commenting below!

Contributing author: Jennifer Britton

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