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Performance Management Consultancy Services

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success;
Leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”
– Stephen R. Covey

Leadership Challenges

As enterprises in Singapore evolve, many organisations are faced with a more complex and interconnected world. Because of social, economical, political and technological changes, Singapore enterprises including the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are realizing the need to develop their managers to lead a new generation of employees.

The command and control culture of the 20th century which many of the traditional SME owners and senior leaders in large organisations have employed may not be relevant. The 21st century leader need to deal with the complexity of today’s world. it requires leaders who can stimulate discussion, create innovative solutions, inspire a more diversified and dynamic workforce, manage conflicts and collaborate with all stakeholders. As a management consultant and professor aptly puts it:

“In our global highly complex world, the heroic leadership figure has increasingly become a relic.”

– Manfred Kets De Vries

Leaders in enterprises need to collaborate among themselves as well as with their team. They need to develop the necessary leadership soft skills to inspire their team to be more innovative, resourceful and accountable. The organization would also need to implement performance management systems to drive team performance.

Enterprise Development Grant

Singapore SME EDG Grant

Large enterprises and SMEs in Singapore can tap onto Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to help them build up their leadership capabilities and implement the appropriate performance management measures. At BP Coach Training, our management consultants are able to help you in your EDG grant application and provide the consulting services. Our Expert SG Certified Management Consultants are recognised and approved by ESG.

Frequently Asked Questions on Enterprise Development Grant:

What is the Enterprise Development Grant?

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is a single grant that integrates support for businesses in their growth and transformation.  The EDG provides more complete help to companies who wish to upgrade, innovate, venture overseas, or are ready to embark on any combination of these strategies.

Who can apply for EDG?

Companies keen to apply for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) should meet these criteria:
– Be registered and operating in Singapore
– Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
– Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project

How much grant support can I receive? Is there a cap on funding?

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) funds up to 70% of qualifying costs for SMEs, and up to 50% of qualifying costs for non-SMEs. Refer to the specific project categories for any other eligibility conditions.

What are the consulting services offered by BP Coach Training?

BP Coach training offers:
– Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) application assistance
– Diagnosis and assessment of current leadership capabilities
– Leadership skills development
– Coaching and Mentoring of leaders
– Organizational culture assessment
– Development of performance management systems
– Talent Development program
– Learning and Development program


Management Consultants Credential

Laurence Tan and Chong Eng Neo are Certified Leadership Coaches accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as Expert Singapore Certified Management Consultant (ESCMC) accredited by TUV SUD. They have over twenty-five years of leadership experience working in multi-national companies (MNCs) as well as SMEs.

Over the years, they have worked with enterprises to develop their leaders and help them build high performance teams. By employing different modalities such as training, coaching, mentoring and consulting, they have successfully helped leaders build up their confidence, creativity and commitment in leading their organizations. Below are some of the testimonials from their management consulting projects:

“It has expanded my perspective on situations in work and life. The mentor created self-awareness and realisation through the open & safe sharing. She facilitated the process for me to find my own customised solution. The solution has been working well for me to-date. The mentor shared relevant principles/concepts to enhance my coaching skills to develop team members.”

Desmond H. (Senior Service Manager) – Engineering Industry

“Through this program, we now have a structured training plan with training analysis & individual need analysis. We can continue to identify training needs for all the other employees. The mentor helped us improve our coaching skills.”

Cynthia N. (HR Manager) – Broadcast/Media Industry

“Through the coaching, it has helped me understand myself better and balance the usage of my strength. It has also helped me overcome my fear and to be more effective in communicating and presenting to the senior management. Having acquired the coaching skills will also help my team think more of their situation and come up with appropriate solution themselves.”

Cody S. (Business Unit Manager) – Healthcare Industry

“I have acquired various leadership principles and techniques through this program. Through the coaching and sharing of examples, I am able to use some of these concepts with the team. The mentor provided good insights into the pros and cons of using various leadership style in different situations.”

Gesa S. (Deputy Director Operations) – ICT Industry

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