Organisational Culture Change

Organizational Culture

“Organisational Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.”

– Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM.

Organisational Culture

How does organisational culture come about?  Can you describe what your current culture is like or what you would like it to be?  Is there an Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) that can clearly identify the current as well as the preferred culture?

Whenever there is a group of people, organisational culture happens.  It is the behavioral norms, shared values and beliefs of that group.  In most cases, people may not be aware, but sub-consciously they are influencing, copying and adapting to fit into the organisational culture. 

Culture Change

Organisational culture depicts the way employees “do things around here”. Given this fact, there is an increased importance to develop a desired culture that contributes positively to the organization.

In a 2018 survey by Human Capital Institute (HCI) and International Coaching Federation (ICF), 75% of HR practitioners and leaders report that their organisation is in a state of constant change with continuously shifting priorities and strategies. Additionally, 85% of organisations have experienced an unsuccessful change management initiative in the past two years.

BP Coach Training helps organisation analyse, develop and sustain high performing culture.  Our assessment instruments and culture change methodologies have been tested and proven for more than thirty years in organizations.

OCAI Culture Change

Analysis – Organisational Culture Assessment (OCAI)

Prior to the start of the change management project, it is important to assess what the current culture of the organisation.  OCAI (Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument) developed by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn is a validated research method to assess organisational culture. 

CVF Framework

Based on the Competing Values Framework (CVF), the OCAI report provides a quantitative view of the organisational culture as shown in the diagram.

BP Coach Training is the authorized partner in Singapore for the OCAI-online tool.  Organisations can quickly conduct the organisation survey with all their employees to understand their current and preferred culture.   It is important to gather both the quantitative as well as the qualitative analysis during this phase.

Organisational Development

After the analysis phase, the next phase is to develop the interventions required for the change.  Through workshops and coaching sessions, BP Coach will use proven methodologies to guide the organisation through this change process.

This change process will involve both the leaders and the employees.  Leaders will learn about interaction interventions while employees will experience the power of change circles.

Sustaining Change

Often in change management, practitioners and change sponsors are focused on what needs to happen at the organisational level rather than the individual level. To successfully implement a new initiative, organisations need to build change management capabilities, so that their people drive and sustain change rather than see change as something that happens to them.

BP Coach Training works closely with the clients to build these capabilities so that organisations can continue and sustain a positive and high-performance culture.

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