Developing High Performing Leaders


What are the Characteristics of a High Performance Team? How can a Leader develop such a High Performance Team? This 2-day workshop incorporates the knowledge, skills and attitude required for Managers to become High Performing Leaders.


In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world that we operate in, it is essential to have High Performing Leaders who have the right mindset and attitude to navigate challenges and capabilities to lead their teams to great heights.  Leadership entails more than just putting in place systems and processes and managing people by rules and policies. 

High Performing Leaders have the ability to develop, motivate and empower others around them to achieve great outcomes for the organisation.  This programme incorporates the knowledge, skills and attitude required for Managers to become High Performing Leaders.



This course is designed to equip Managers and Team Leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be High Performing Leaders in order to achieve organisational goals as well as develop their teams’ potential and capabilities.



  • Characteristics of High Performance Team
    • Mindset of High Performance Team
  • Shared Leadership and Accountability
    • Understanding and Embracing a High Performance Culture
    • Situational Leadership
  • Building Relationship with Team
    • Trust Components
    • Ways of Building Relationship
  • Building on Differences
    • Understanding personality styles
    • Working with different personalities to maximize performance
  • Effective Communication
    • Active Listening
    • Asking Questions to empower others
  • Skills Practicum & Case Studies

Our Training is designed based on Adult learning principles and hence, emphasizes on experiential learning activities, small group and class interactions as well as skills-based practices during the workshop.  This methodology accelerates adult learning, retention and brings forth the application/relevance to real-life situations.  Equally important, the workshops are engaging and enjoyable for the participants.



At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of achieving high performance
  • Apply the appropriate Leadership helping skills in varied situations
  • Engage and enrol employees for enhanced work performance
  • Motivate employees to make positive changes
  • Develop talent and skills
  • Build trust and strong relationships with employees and others
  • Effectively empower responsibilities to employees



General Managers, Senior Leaders, Managers or Team Leaders who motivate team members to higher levels of performance,  assess capabilities and develop talent & skills in employees



The 6 characteristics of a High Performance Team are shown in the diagram below.  

High Performance Team Characteristics