ICF ACC Level 1 Pathway

ICF ACC-Level 1 Credentialing

Starting 1 January 2023, all International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training providers offering ACSTH program path towards ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credentialing will transition to ICF Level 1 program.  This is part of the on-going effort by ICF Coaching Education, which had announced an updated accreditation structure for coaching education and training programs designed to “set the highest standards for coach-specific education in the world.” 

What is the key difference between ICF Level 1 path versus the ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) path?


ICF ACC-Level 1 Path vs ACSTH Path

ICF ACC Level 1 Accreditation

The ICF ACC-Level 1 updated path supports participants pursuing the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential.  The requirements for this pathway include:

  • Completion of the accredited Level 1 Program (e.g. Certified Performance Leadership Coach – CPLC Level 1 program)
  • Clocked 100 coaching hours (75 hours must be paid-coaching, 25 hours can be pro-bono coaching) – no time limit
  • Complete an online Credentialing Exam, administered by ICF Global
  • Receive ICF ACC credential upon successful completion
ICF ACC-Level 1 Path
ICF ACC-Level 1 Credentialing Process

The key difference lies in the Performance Evaluation.  For the ACSTH path, participants are required to submit the audio recording and transcript to ICF Global for performance evaluation.   In the Level 1 path, participants would instead submit the performance evaluation (recording and transcript) to the training provider.  Only when the participant is assessed to be competent by the training provider, will they receive the CPLC Level 1 certification.  Participants are still required to complete the 10 hours of mentor coaching with the training provider, which is offered under the CPLC program.

Participants who complete/have completed the CPLC program before 31 December 2022 will be under the ACSTH path.  The ACSTH path will continue to be recognised by ICF for ACC credentialing.  There is no expiry timeline to your ACSTH certifcate.  The ACSTH path for ACC Credentialing is shown below. 

ICF ACSTH Credentialing Path
ICF ACSTH Path for ACC Credentialing

CPLC (Level 1) Coaching Certification Program

Overall, there are 4 modules that learners would need to complete under the Certified Performance Leadership Coach (CPLC) Level 1 certification program as shown below:

Total Program = 60 hours coach-specific training, 10 hours of mentor coaching and Performance Evaluation.

For more information on the course outline, objectives, eligible SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) funding and schedules, please click on each module title above.

CPLC-Level 1 Modules
CPLC Level 1 Modules
Upcoming Courses
  • Jun 25

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Transformational Leadership 2.0 (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • Jul 03

    Coaching for Performance and Capability Development 2.0 (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • Jul 17

    Team Leadership for Performance and Results (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • Jul 31

    Self-Mastery in Coaching for Mental Well-Being with Positive Psychology (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • Aug 14

    Coaching for Performance and Capability Development 2.0 (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

More information about the updated credential application path are available at the ICF website.

Please feel free to contact us, email: info@bpcoachtrain.com or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have any questions.

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