ICF level 2 Coach Program

ICF Level 2 Program for Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credentialing

Since the launch of our ICF Level 2 accredited Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) program, we have received many questions about the ICF credentialing process.  Given all the changes ICF have implemented over the last few years, we thought it would be a good idea to put together this blog to clarify and answer many of these questions.

ICF Credential Levels

International Coaching Federation, ICF offers three levels of credentials, that remains unchanged.

  • ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and
  • MCC (Master Certified Coach).

The training and practical skills requirements for each of these levels are summarized below:

Figure 1. ICF Credential Levels

ICF Credential Application Paths

Everyone has his/her own learning preferences. As such, ICF allows different pathways to get one’s credential. Prior to 1 January 2023, ICF has 3 different credential application paths, namely ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) and Portfolio path.  If you have completed your certification program prior to this, you may refer to this link for more information.  These paths remain valid for those who wish to apply for their credential.

In 2023, ICF simplified the credential paths to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  The key difference between the new paths offered by coach training providers and the old paths are the mandatory inclusion of mentor coaching and performance evaluation.  Figure 2 shows the application path towards each of the ICF credentials.  For simplicity, the diagram does not show other more complex pathways via the portfolio path.  More details of such paths are found on ICF website.

ICF Credential Pathways

Figure 2. ICF Application Credential Paths

ICF Level 2 Coach Certification Program

ICF Level 2 LogoOur newly launched Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) program is an ICF accredited Level 2 program.  It encompasses both the Certified Performance Leadership Coach (CPLC) Level 1 program and the advanced self-mastery series of courses, giving participants a total of 128 contact hours (see Figure 3).  Upon completion of the CSMC program, participants can continue to clock their coaching hours towards the required 500 coaching hours and pass the ICF Credential Exam to receive their ICF PCC credential.

Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) Level 2 Program

Figure 3. Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) Level 2 Program

Participants are required to attend the modules in the sequence as shown in Figure 3.  For more details about the different modules within the  Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) program, please visit our CSMC Certification Course website.

Upcoming Courses
  • Apr 25

    Team Leadership for Performance and Results (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • May 07

    Self-Mastery in Coaching: Building Relationships and Achieving Goals with Positive Psychology (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • May 15

    Coaching for Performance and Capability Development 2.0 (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • May 29

    Enhancing Coaching Capabilities through Reflective Practice and Mentor Coaching (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

  • Jun 25

    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Transformational Leadership 2.0 (Classroom and Asynchronous E-learning)

    M Hotel Singapore (81 Anson Rd)

FAQ – ICF Level 2 CSMC Program

Do I need an ICF ACC credential to join the ICF Level 2 program?

No, you do not need to have a minimum requirement of ACC credential to join the Level 2 CSMC program, if you are an existing BP Coach Training graduate. The level 2 includes the CPLC Level 1 program. This means that CPLC graduates (ACSTH or Level 1) can continue with the advanced self-mastery series (Module 5-7) to complete the Level 2 program.
Note: Participants must pass the Performance Evaluation at the PCC level (part of Module 7) to receive the Level 2 CSMC certificate

Can I attend BP Coach Training Level 2 program if I have attended another Level 1 program from other training provider?

For Level 1 graduates from other coaching certification programs, we are currently only accepting those who have received ICF ACC credential to join our Level 2 program, i.e., from Module 5 onwards. BP Coach Training will review the coach education training the participant has previously received and allow certain credits to be transferred to our Level 2 program.

Is the 500 coaching hours needed for PCC application inclusive of the 100 coaching hours clocked previously for ACC?

Yes.  If you have clocked 100 hours, you would need an additional 400 coaching hours before applying for your PCC.

Do I need to clock at least 100 hours before joining the Level 2 program?

There is no pre-requisite for the number of coaching hours to join our Level 2 CSMC program. The Level 2 coaching education will enhance your Transformational coaching skills. This would allow you to coach your clients better, providing greater value as you journey through your 500 coaching hours.

Do I have to wait till the end of the Level 2 program to continue clocking towards the 500 coaching hours?

No. You can continue to accumulate your coaching hours during the Level 2 training program. 

What happens once I complete the Level 2 Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) program?

You will receive the Certified Self-Mastery Coach (CSMC) certification, an ICF Level 2 accredited program. This means that you have met the education requirements and performance standards expected of a PCC level coach. You can continue at your own pace to clock the remaining coaching hours towards the required 500 hours with at least 25 clients, of which 450 hours must be paid. At least 50 of these hours (paid or unpaid) must occur within 18 months of submitting your credential application to ICF. Finally, you would need to pass the ICF Credential Exam before receiving your PCC credential.

If I am unable to clock the 500 coaching hours, can I still apply for ACC credential with the Level 2 CSMC program?

Absolutely yes.  If you have exceeded 100 coaching hours, you can apply for the ACC credential with the Level 2 CSMC certificate. Upon passing the ICF Credential Exam, you will receive your ACC credential.

I would like to clock my CCE as part of my ACC renewal requirements by attending the Module 5 and/or 6. Later on if I decide to pursue my PCC, can I complete the rest of the other required modules under Level 2 CSMC to apply for my PCC?

Yes. That is the reason why we have modularised the program to provide flexibility to our participants to use the training for the purpose of CCE (ACC renewal) or Level 2 credentialing.

I have taken the updated Credential Exam for my ACC credential.  Will I need to retake it again if I apply for the PCC credential after completing the Level 2 CSMC program?

At this time, the ICF Credentialing Exam must be taken with each new application for a Credential, unless the exam has been passed within 12 months of applying for the next credential level.

ICF Credentials and Standards will be supporting ongoing updates to the ICF Credentialing Exam. ICF Credential-holders who apply for a higher level credential in the future may see different forms of the exam to be completed at each Credential level.

For more information please contact us or email us at info@bpcoachtrain.com.

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